one2one Media is now one2one Addressable

One path from ad to action to attribution.

Addressable TV offers brand advertisers the opportunity to connect with high-value audiences deeper in the purchase process. Imagine using TV not just to generate brand awareness but also to nurture interest, drive action, and learn from the results. Imagine being able to segment out affluent parents, 35 to 49 years old, with household incomes greater than $100,000—then deliver your action-oriented message directly to them. You don’t have to wait. This level of pinpoint targeting is available now.

Turnkey technology. Years of experience.

Cadent one2one Advanced TV uses proprietary technology (and leverages our experience with hundreds of data-driven campaigns) so you can start deploying addressable TV today. Our unified platform connects your brand campaigns with audience data and channel inventory, making it easy to plan, buy, and manage impactful campaigns at scale. You’ll also boost results, enjoy pricing efficiencies, and gain full transparency and performance data. And all the while, your investment will work harder (and smarter) toward driving meaningful business results.

The world’s largest addressable TV inventory.
Fully independent.

The Cadent technology platform works as an independent aggregator of addressable TV inventory—from all cable, satellite, and telco providers, as well as partners across the digital video ecosystem. As the only national addressable platform, Cadent offers an integrated solution for targeting, executing, and measuring addressable campaigns at scale—all while handling the various complexities of the addressable video landscape.

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In-home entertainment campaigns for movie studios.

In addition to advertising solutions for brands in every industry, Cadent offers movie studios a way to drive revenue by directing specific messaging to consumers most likely to rent a movie. Our in-home entertainment solution leverages Cadent’s proprietary data infrastructure, providing a new level of targeting and analytics. Now, studios can optimize advertising investments and maximize revenue for on-demand movie releases and premium video subscriptions.

One radically smart platform
for TV advertisers.

With Cadent, addressable TV starts by taking first- and third-party data and matching it against subscriber files, IP addresses, and device IDs to define your target audience. Next, our platform finds those people, households, and devices that fit your target—and sends them your tailored message. The intelligence doesn’t stop there. Our technology platform keeps learning, pulling data from hundreds of campaigns across channels and inventory types (7B+ data points) to optimize your business outcomes.