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Consumers are demanding to watch premium video content on all screens, at any time. Cadent Technology’s multiscreen Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solutions make it easier to deliver advertising to these hard-to-reach, high value audiences and to provide more relevant, timely messages for a better consumer experience across viewing platforms.

  • More effective monetization of content across all your TV services
  • Centralized control of advertising policies and workflows
  • Single access point to key metrics and measurement
  • Flexible design to support new ad models and business policies


In today’s video environment, real-time audience data and insights is vital to move the TV industry forward. Cadent Technology's data solutions make your data actionable and ready for use in core monetization strategies. As providers of the tech that powers advanced advertising globally, we have an intimate knowledge of how to utilize data to maximize your advertising value.

  • More effective advertising using insights on audience composition, engagement and ROI
  • Better viewing experience by delivering more relevant marketing and optimized ad experiences
  • New revenue models by making your data actionable via a data monetization platform (DMP)


Today’s content delivery agreements often involve complex rules governing which viewers have rights to watch a particular program or sporting event. Content providers need an efficient, programmatic, auditable way to communicate alternate content rules to service providers. Service providers need a way to accept these rules from content providers, execute them across QAM and IP platforms, and report status back to content providers. Cadent Technology’s alternate content solutions provide a standards-based method for communicating schedules between content and service providers. They also offer a scalable, auditable delivery engine that service providers can use to make good on their content delivery obligations.

  • Efficient, programmatic API based on the ESNI standard
  • Policy management tools for content providers and service providers
  • Scalable, redundant, ESAM-based execution engine for alternate content delivery across IP and QAM platforms for service providers
  • Single point of reporting and audit information via UI or ESNI API